"We the DPW Family, will enthusiastically perform our mission in a professional manner, always striving to be the best in our business.  By doing this, we will earn the trust and confidence of all our customers. We proudly accept the challenge of operating, maintaining, and modernizing this world class leader development institution. We take pride and satisfaction in our role as stewards of Historic West Point."


The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) has one of the most interesting and unique jobs at West Point.  We provide services and support to just about every organization, building and individual at West Point.  No organization directly affects the living and/or working conditions of West Point's soldiers, families and civilian workforce as much.  Because the DPW has so much responsibility and serves so many customers, we must be aware of our customer's needs and requirements.  This means that there must always be a constant and continuous flow of communication between DPW and its customers.

The DPW is organized to provide expedient, effective and efficient service to customers.  We measure success by how well customer's needs are met, not just meeting the demands of service.

Because we believe and take pride in our work, we strive to eliminate any room for failure.  We have found that the key to providing effective service is to understand our customers and for our customers to understand us.  A common understanding reduces missed communications.


The purpose of this Web site is to provide you with information about the DPW so that you know what to expect and who to call for information or service.  From beginning to end, it provides basic facts about the DPW operation and general information on the guidelines and policies utilized by the DPW operation.  It is our intent to make you a more educated customer and, thus, better able to help us provide you with quality services.

  • Customer Service: 845-938-4407; DSN: 688-4407

  • Postal Address: 667A, Ruger Road, West Point, NY 10996


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